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Love yourself so you can love others

February 6, 2018


When we talked about Love we often forgot that the first relationship we need to take care of is the one with our Self. We need to love ourself before we can pretend to love someone else. How can we love someone if we don't love ourself? How can we wish someone to love us if we don't love ourself? Of course I'm not talking about being selfish or narcissistic. The subject is our higher Self, our Soul, the Divine part of us, our Infinity.

Often this is also our inner enemy, the source of our internal conflicts. Self-defeating activity and self-animosity occur when we do not accept ourselves. In order to love our Soul we have to reconcile with our Infinity, we need to forgive our Self so we can end the self-animosity that is inside of us.

The meditation I'm sharing today is designed to conquer our Self-animosity.


How to do it:

Sit in a cross legged position or on a chair with feet flat on the ground. Tuck your chin in and open your chest.


Put your elbows along your rib cage and raise the forearms up

and in, toward the chest at the heart level. Make fists with your hands and extend the thumbs up. Press the fists together in such a manner that the thumbs and fists are touching. The palms are toward each other. Keep your spine straight.


Fix the eyes at the tip of the nose. 

Inhale through the nose. Exhale completely through the mouth. Inhale deeply and smoothly through the mouth. Exhale through the nose. And continue for 3 minutes.


To end:

Inhale and stretch the arms up over the head. Stay in this posture and take 3 more breaths. Relax.


Advanced practice:

You can gradually build the time to 11 minutes. 


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