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Karam Sambhavanl Kriya, a meditation for Detox

January 31, 2018


This week i'm sharing a very powerful yet easy meditation, the Karam Sambhavanl Kriya. This will clean you up, purify your blood and open every cell and capillary in your lungs. It will balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain and prevent brain fatigue. And it works in only 3 minutes !


How to do it


Sit on a chair with feet flat on the ground or on the floor in cross legged position. Tuck your chin a little, open your chest

and straighten your spine.

Take off any rings you may be wearing and interlock your fingers except the ring fingers (the sun fingers). The Sun fingers point down inside the clasped hands and cross each other so that the pads of those fingers touch. Squeeze the palms together and hold the mudra at the heart center (center of the chest). Your elbows are pressed against the ribs.

Relax your eyelids down over your eyes, leaving your eyes 1/10 th open. Inhale through your nose in four stokes, mentally chanting "Saa-Saa-Saa-Saa." The four strokes inhale takes about 2 seconds to complete. Exhale through the nose in four strokes, mentally chant "Hung-Hung-Hung-Hung." The four strokes exhale also takes about 2 seconds to complete. Focus on the sound of the breath and the mantra. 

Continue for 3 minutes, no more than 3 minutes.

To end, Inhale deeply and stretch your arm above your head, open your fingers wide and stretch your spine. Stretch as much as you can then exhale and relax.


Advanced practice:

If you want to include this meditation in your daily practice add 1 minute every week week until you reach 11minutes then continue practicing for 11 minutes. Don't do it for more than 11 minutes.





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