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Detoxify your tongue

January 19, 2018


It's a good idea to detoxify your body but once your body is free from toxins, it's even a better idea to reduce the build up of these toxins.

Toxins that accumulate in our body come from a lot of different sources. What we eat, what we drink, what we breathe, what we are in contact with, are all potential sources of toxins, physical toxins. But we are also subject to emotional toxins which are produced by emotions like hatred, anger and stress. Not to mention the energetic toxins, that you can catch by being close to someone with bad energy. 

The detoxification is a day to day process. Taking care of what we ingest, being careful of our feelings, cultivate a positive attitude are all good habits to reduce toxins build up. But a daily cleanup is also very efficient.

During the night, your mouth turns into an incubator, warm, moist, and cozy. In that environment, bacteria have an orgy and they multiply.

The best thing to do on wake up is to clean these toxins. First thing in the morning, brush your teeth and use a tongue scrapper to clean your tongue, so you don't swallow toxins with the first sip of liquid. If don't own a tongue scrapper yet, you can brush your tongue. 

Another good yogic technique is to use your toothbrush and brush way back to the root of your tongue until you gag and cough up mucous stored in the back of your throat in the so-called monkey glands. This must be done on an empty stomach. 

Another benefit is that as you gag, it makes your eyes water, which helps preserve the eyesight. 


You can find a tongue scrapper in your local indian store, or in pharmacy.


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