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U breath to cleanse the liver

January 5, 2018


End of the year holidays are sometimes hard on the liver. A lot of long dinners, heavy to digest food, chocolate, alcohol... all of this go to our liver. It's time for clean up, let's start this new year with a healthy body!

The pranayama I'm sharing today has a lot of benefits, including liver and spleen cleanse. It's very easy but incredibly powerful.

Eastern medicine associates the liver with anger and frustration. When you clean your liver, you're also cleaning your mind polluted by anger. With a healthy liver, you learn to go with the flow and don't get affected by anger. 

Can you make a "U" with your tongue? then you already know how to do Sitalee Pranayama. If you can't there is still a way for you to enjoy the benefit of this breathing technique.


How to do Sitalee Pranayama:


Curve your tongue into a U, extend your curved tongue through your rounded lips. Inhale gently and completely through your mouth, the air that come in should be cold. Fill your lungs to maximum capacity, then slowly exhale through the nose.

Continue for 3 minutes


Tips and advanced practice:


When you exhale, your tongue can come back in and you can close your mouth.

If you can't curve your tongue, the alternative is to simply stick the tongue out, slightly, through rounded lips so that you can feel the air flowing over the tongue.

If your tongue tastes bitter it's a sign of detoxification, after a while your tongue will taste sweet, meaning your liver is healthy. 

You can also do this pranayama to reduce fever and cool the body.

With practice you can do it for 3 periods of 5 minutes each.

Doing 52 breaths daily, 26 times in the morning and 26 times in the evening, will extend your vitality throughout your lifespan.

108 times is a deep meditation and a powerful healer for the body and the digestive system.





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