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Cook with your heart, cook with mantra

December 31, 2017


You probably already heard that the secret ingredient for cooking is Love. When you cook with Love, your meal become better. Unfortunately, if you're upset when cooking the food will also be affected. This is because food absorb your feelings, good or bad. So to prevent yourself from poisonning your hosts, you better be in a good mood while in the kitchen. Don not cook if you're upset, stressed or anxious. Let someone cook for you if you can or use one of the tools from the previous weeks to calm down before putting your apron on.

The meditation for a calm heart or the 8.1 breathing ratio for example are very efficient to quickly change your mood.

You can also listen to your favorite mantra in the kitchen or whatever music you like. If you can't listen to music, sing!

The positif effects of the vibrations of the mantra, will penetrate your food through you. The mantra will transfer its effects to your food, so using a healing or a protective mantra will affect your dishes differently.

My personal mantra while cooking is Ardas Bhaee, it's a mantra for miracles...


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