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Develop a positive attitude

December 21, 2017


Being positive may seems a hard task in those dark days but it's just a habit that everybody can learn, after some practice it will become automatic. We are often told to speak from our heart but if you're not used to it, it can seem impossible. In older posts, I've shared how to calm your heart and how to open your heart. Speaking from your heart and being positive require some practice. Here are some tips you can try: 


- When giving your point of view about something start with the pros, then follow with the cons and finally synthetize putting emphasis on the pros. If you start with the cons, usually the pros that follow are not heard.


- When analyzing the actions of someone, tell them first what they did right, then what they need to work on. This way they first heard something encouraging and are ready to listen to what they need to improve.


- When giving a good and a bad news, always start with the good news. This way you give a chance to your audience to listen to the positive news. If you start with the negative, often the positive will not even been heard.


 - Every coin has two faces, every event have a positive aspect. Every time something happens to you, no matter how bad it is try to find something positive about it, this will damper the negative effects.


- Not like electricity, positive energy attract positive energy. Be being positive you get more chances to bring positive people around you.


- Remember that what ever you say is processed by your mind before going through your lips. If you say something positive your mind receive this positiveness first. If you says bad words, your mind will get the bad energy of those words even before the person to whom those words are spoken to.


- Last but not least, Smile, whatever you say, say it with a smile.


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