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Open your heart with Sat Kartar Mantra

December 13, 2017


Yogic scriptures say that the soul resides behind the heart, by opening your heart you're actually opening the way to your soul. If you let your soul guide you, you'll let go off fear and you'll go toward your true nature which is Love.

This meditation will open and direct the energetic flow of the Heart.

How to do it

Sit in a cross-legged position or in a chair with your feet flat on the ground.

Close your eyes and focus them at the third eye point.

Put your hands in prayer mudra (palm against palm at the center of your chest) and say "Sat", then extend your arms out  to the side of your body with fingertips pointing up, when they are half way to full extension say "Kar", when they are fully extended out to the side and parallel to the floor say "Tar", then come back to prayer pose and repeat the mantra with the movement.

The movement is flowing there is no pause in-between 


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