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Juice your stress away!

December 1, 2017


A good way to reduce your stress is through what you ingest. 

Vitamin C is THE anti stress vitamin, you can find it in great amount in fruits and vegetables like orange, kiwi, green pepper and acerola but even more in amalaki.

Also potassium is a good nutrient to counter the negative effects of stress on your body. Adding potassium-rich vegetables to your diet will reduce stress-related factors in the blood.

There are a lot of documentation about health and food, I love the book "Food as a medicine" because it's simple and have a lot of examples on how to use food to improve our health. 

An easy way to ingest nutrients is with juice.

Here is a juice recipe, from this amazing book, that'll melt your stress.


The stress Melter



1/4 head lettuce outer leaves removed

1 carrot

1 tomato

1 celery stalk


Juice all ingredients together and pour over ice if desired.










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