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Walking fingers

November 8, 2017


Walk your fingers and the Stress will run away!

There are a lot of situations where stress shows up and we don't know how to act, it can happen at home, in the office or anywhere. It's great to know some handy tools to deal with it.

Here is a great technique you can try anywhere, anytime you are facing a stressful situation.

Close your eyes nine-tenth, almost closed, only a tiny bit of light should enter.

Hold your left hand up as though to clap. With the index and middle fingers of your right hand walk up the center of your left palm to the very tips of the ring and middle fingers. Walk your fingers slowly and with great pressure, the left fingers should bend a little under pressure and it should hurt.

Walk up and down from the center of the palm to the tips of the fingers for 3 to 11 minutes. 

This will make you sharp-witted so you can handle the situation.


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