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Cold Shower ! What!?

October 19, 2017


The best way to start your day and boost your immune system is the cold shower! It seems a crazy thing, right?

I believed so before i've tried it, but after some practice it's cool and addictive.

It's a form of hydrotherapy called Ishnaan in the east. The cold water stimulates the blood in the internal organs to rush out to the capillariies on the surface of the skin.

Before entering the shower, rub your body with sweet almond oil, give yourself a little massage, it's a very gentle way to feel yourself upon wakeup. 

Then jump on it! Start with your extremities, hands and arms then feet and legs and finally your whole body.

Don't be still, move your body and chant your favorite mantra!

Start once a week and build it to a daily practice.


Among the benefits:

- Strengthen the immune system, the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems

- Eliminate toxins

- keep your skin young

- Balance all the glands

- Brings the power of resistance and resilience to the body


Note: If it's too difficult, start with cold water and switch to lukewarm. It's better to start this practice during warm months, starting in winter may be too much!

Note2: Ladies, don't do it during your menstrual cycle, take it lukewarm instead.



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