Kundalini Tribeca helped me improve my physical strength as well as my balance and flexibility. I feel stronger and healthier today than I have ever before, and can’t imagine where I’d be without Kundalini Tribeca.


Kundalini is the supreme method to awaken your awareness and take you into your infinite self. It is more about knowing yourself and your own nature. Kundalini means awareness, it is the technology of human consciousness. It helps to gain a strong immune system. It teaches to calm your mind and develop your intuition. It clears the subconscious mind.
The best is that in Kundalini there is a meditation for almost anything you can think of.


I was lucky enough to have Cedric do a weekly yoga session with my First Grade. This gave many students the opportunity to try yoga for the first time and also built on the skills of those already familiar with yoga.  Cedric made it fun for the children by introducing the poses in a child friendly way and explaining the effects different poses and breathing techniques have on our bodies.  For example, breathing exercises that energize us and those that help us to find calm.  Cedric planned every lesson carefully to introduce new positions, breathing techniques and chants. The children enjoyed working as part of a whole group as well as in pairs. It was a wonderful way to start our day and many of the children would continue to use the breathing techniques and chants throughout the day.


I had the great fortune to study Kundalini Yoga with Cedric. He is a patient, knowledgable and excellent teacher who brought Kundalini Yoga to life for me. I have some physical limitations that he skillfully worked around so I could get the full Kundalini Yoga experience. The physical and mental benefits to this kind of practice have been exponential for me. Jump in. You won't regret it.


Kundalini Tribeca session has changed my life and it reprogrammed my body and mind into this state of happiness and acceptance. 
But Kundalini is totally awesome and everyone can do it!
When you practice you become more tuned into yourself and your own essence, as it were. And above all you enter this state of relaxed happiness and acceptance. The connection with yourself and your instincts is re-established. It almost feels like a cleansing of your soul. You lose a lot of those cropped up emotions and stress.


It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s been tearful, painful, confusing, mentally, emotionally and physically challenging, and it’s drastically changed everything about my life and person. For the better I might add.
It’s also been the most inspiring, eye opening, loving, blissful, rewarding experience I have ever endured and I would never change any of it.
I’ve always had deep questions regarding my place here and the purpose of life. Kundalini Tribeca has answered those questions and blessed me with so much more.



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