February 21, 2018

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January 31, 2018

Cette semaine je vous présente une méditation très efficace bien que facile et courte, Karam Sambhavanl Kriya. Ça va vous nettoyer complement, purifier votre sang et ouvrir toutes les cellules et capillaires de vos poumons. Les hémisphères droit et gauche de votre...

January 31, 2018

This week i'm sharing a very powerful yet easy meditation, the Karam Sambhavanl Kriya. This will clean you up, purify your blood and open every cell and capillary in your lungs. It will balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain and prevent brain fatigue. And...

January 19, 2018

It's a good idea to detoxify your body but once your body is free from toxins, it's even a better idea to reduce the build up of these toxins.

Toxins that accumulate in our body come from a lot of different sources. What we eat, what we drink, what we breathe, what we a...

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